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Welcome to the Integrative Medicine Program at East Jefferson General Hospital

The Integrative Medicine Program at East Jefferson General Hospital is designed to complement your treatment plan and assist in overall wellness, recovery and empowerment. It works hand-in-hand with the many other resources made available to patients at EJGH. We offer this wide array of resources because we have seen them work. We believe that each patient is unique and strive to develop a treatment plan that best fits you and your needs.

All patients will be offered an initial consult with a nurse practitioner who will assess patient readiness and discuss which offerings best fit the needs of that patient. This consult is billable through insurance. Therapies are currently being offered at the EJGH Regional Cancer Center in the Yenni Pavilion. Many are free of charge unless otherwise stated. Click here for a list of therapies currently being offered. Customized, bundled packages are also available. For more information, please call 504-503-6000.

Our mission and pledge:

  • To provide evidence-based educational resources to patients and healthcare professionals alike
  • To assist in the integration of various therapies, both conventional and more holistic
  • To improve the lives of our patients
  • To give our patients the widest possible array of resources that will assist them in their fight against cancer and provide relief during that fight.

What is Integrative Medicine?

Each person’s illness and experience is unique. The Integrative Medicine program at EJGH is built around the belief that one size hardly ever fits all. Also known as complementary medicine, integrative medicine combines a full understanding of traditional medical care with other, more holistic or complementary resources intended to work hand-in-hand with your conventional medical treatments to provide the best outcomes and most healing and positive experience possible.

How Does the Program Work?

The program begins with a review of your current health and/or condition. This includes your course of treatment, diagnosis and prognosis along with your lifestyle and preferences. For this first visit, bring a list of your medicines, supplements, homeopathic remedies and other therapies you are currently using or use periodically. This initial consultation can take 30-90 minutes depending upon how many questions you have. The goal is to give you a better understanding of integrative medicine and to develop a program specifically around you and your needs. A follow-up visit will be scheduled to see how well you are progressing, answer any questions you have and modify your program if needed. Call 504-503-6000 for more information.

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