EJGH@Work Program

Fit Club Challenge Achieve a successful weight loss challenge at your workplace.

Weight-loss contests are the bread and butter of popular reality TV shows like “The Biggest Loser,” “Weighing In” and “Celebrity Fit Club.” Some viewers have been fascinated by the dramatic, on-screen transformations.

As a result, several individuals have tried to plan, organize, and implement a similar competition in their worksite. However, the planning and implementation of a weight-loss program is challenging and can result in little to no success.

EJGH@Work can provide you with the tools, materials, and resources necessary to achieve a successful weight loss challenge at your workplace. The program design has been shown to produce results. The health and fitness professionals will not only provide knowledge and education, but they will also provide the motivational factor that can make or break a weight loss program.

What is the Fit Club Challenge?

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    The Fit Club Challenge is a turnkey program designed to promote healthy lifestyles to employees. The two biggest contributing factors in unhealthy employees are poor food choices and lack of activity. The Fit Club Challenge provides a fun, interactive, and competitive method of promoting healthy eating and activity in your company.

    The Fit Club Challenge Program will help:

    • Achieve sensible weight loss
    • Reduce the risks associated with being overweight
    • Enjoy the camaraderie of working with others for a common goal
    • Improve or increase moral in the company Improve the employee’s self-esteem and outlook on life
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    The Fit Club Challenge Program was provided to the employees at East Jefferson General Hospital. There were over 170 male and female employees who participated in the competition. After the program was completed, over 800 pounds were lost as a whole. Within that group of participants, there were several significant success stories. Almost 85% of the participants achieved a weight loss goal of 5% or more.