Let's Talk About The Most Progressive Hospital in Our Region

Let’s talk about…

Let’s talk about a hospital with unmatched certifications and accolades in overall medical care, overall hospital care, patient safety, surgery, oncology, cardiology, pulmonology, stroke care, gastrointestinal illnesses and more. Let’s talk about a hospital with a progressive view on nursing that translates to a total benefits package that matches or surpasses any in our region but more importantly, recognizes great nursing, cultivates it and recognizes it.

In short, let’s talk about East Jefferson General Hospital.

Let's Talk... Robotic Surgery

East Jefferson General Hospital is the first in our region with two daVinci XI Robotic Surgical Systems and the now also has the Stryker MAKO Orthopaedic Surgical Robot. These robots, when in the hands of the right surgeons, are changing the way joint replacement procedures, minimally invasive hysterectomies, prostatectomies, gall bladder removals and many other surgeries are performed.

The emphasis is on minimally invasive procedures. These surgeries, done with miniscule incisions sometimes no wider than the width of a quarter, allow for equal or better outcomes with less blood loss, shorter hospital stays and much faster recovery times.

Let's Talk Surgeons

With the Cox Maze Procedure, our hybrid suite and other innovative approaches to heart procedures, EJGH is recognized as a leader in CVT surgery not only in our region, but beyond. With leading hospitals like Cedars Sinai, and surgeons from Russia observing our cases and conferring with our surgeons/physicians, EJGH is seen as a hospital that is providing best practices for others to follow.

With the work of our cardiologists, CVT surgeons, Electrophysiologists and others, we are not just treating atrial fibrillation, (A-Fib) but we are actually CURING it!

That’s why when we say let’s talk about cardiovascular surgery, we say let’s talk about East Jefferson General Hospital.

Let's Talk... Robotics with EJGH

Watch our quick video, and ask your doctor if a robotic procedure is right for you. 

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