News EJGH Wellness Center Program Spotlight

Did you know that the EJGH Wellness Center offers an innovative Cancer Wellness Program?

Recent studies have shown that regular exercise during treatment and after remission can have a profoundly positive effect on a cancer patient’s likelihood to have a recurrence. In addition, exercise has been proven to relieve stress and elevate mood, two important components of recovery. With these factors in mind, EJGH has created a three-phase approach for its Cancer Wellness Program.

Phase 1 includes a private consultation at the time of the patient’s diagnosis. Each patient receives a fitness evaluation and program orientation by a Health Educator as well as an individualized program concurrent with his or her particular needs and abilities. While receiving cancer treatment, patients will practice phase 1, a home-based exercise program that consists of stretching and resistance exercises with a lightweight thera-band.

Phase 2 is an eight-week therapeutic exercise program that includes an extensive pre- and post-program physical evaluation, an individualized exercise program for each person, based on his or her assessment and several weeks of group fitness and wellness classes with other cancer patients.

Phase 3 supports survivors physically and emotionally well into the future. It includes membership at the Wellness Center and full access to the facility. In addition, participants each receive an annual, 75 minute physical assessment and quarterly phone consultations.

It also allows members to meet as a group for warm-up and stretch sessions three times a week. The warm-up sessions gives participants a chance to continue to foster the supportive relationships they’ve built as a group. One of the most important aspects of the program is the opportunity to meet a group of survivors that are committed to their health. It’s the combination of individualized care, exercise, nutrition and camaraderie that makes the Cancer Wellness Program one for the mind, body and soul.

For more information about the Cancer Wellness Program or any of our disease management programs, contact the Wellness Center at (504) 849-6868. You must have a physician referral to participate.