News EJGH Recognized as Blue Distinction Center-Plus in Three Major Categories

Blue Cross Blue Shield Distinction Center Logo

Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Louisiana announced today that East Jefferson General Hospital (EJGH) has been recognized as a Blue Distinction Center (BDC) – Plus for Cardiac Care, Knee and Hip Replacement and Maternity Care.

The BDC program was developed with input from the medical community and evaluates hospitals’ ability to deliver high quality and safe specialty care based on criteria that directly impacts patient results.

A ranking of BDC-Plus means that EJGH not only met the same quality criteria as BDC institutions, but also went a step further in providing high-quality patient care. EJGH also provided 20 percent more cost efficient care to patients than other non-designated hospitals.

“We are once again humbled and proud of our accomplishments,” said Dr. Mark Peters, EJGH President and CEO. “Our proficient care and being able to provide that top-tier clinical expertise to our patients at a cost-effective level are two of the most important things to us at EJGH. This acknowledges East Jefferson’s clinical leadership in those areas.”

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of hospitalization in the United States and research shows that BDC-Plus centers demonstrate better quality and improved outcomes for patients with lower rates of complications following certain cardiac procedures and lower rates of healthcare associated infections compared with their peers.

Blue Distinction Centers-Plus for Knee and Hip Replacement provide comprehensive inpatient knee and hip replacement services, including total knee replacement and total hip replacement surgeries.

For Maternity Care, EJGH demonstrated expertise and a commitment to quality care during the delivery episode of care, which includes both vaginal and cesarean section delivery.