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For patients who are recovering from heart surgery or who have had a diagnosis of heart disease, the Cardiac Rehabilitation program at East Jefferson General Hospital is designed to help them return to an active and productive lifestyle. The program is the first of its kind in our region and is accredited by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

For more information on the EJGH Cardiac Rehabilitation program, call (504) 503-4145.

Our three-phase Cardiac Rehabilitation program is designed to help patients progress physically and emotionally so that they can return to an active, productive lifestyle. Each phase of the program incorporates education, exercise therapy and psychosocial support to help our patients reach their rehabilitation goals. The patient’s Cardiac Rehabilitation care team includes physicians, specialized nurses, clinical exercise physiologists, registered dieticians and social services.

The philosophy of the program is to support patients’ successful recovery. The patients with the most success make a strong commitment to the program and attend sessions regularly. Participation helps them to make positive lifestyle changes, show increased physical endurance and are better equipped to handle stress because of improved health.

Phase one of this three-phase program takes place before discharge from the hospital. It involves activity, education on your heart event, coronary heart disease, major risk factors and lifestyle modification.

Phase two takes place on an outpatient basis. Patients come to the hospital for exercise sessions with certified exercise physiologists, during which they are constantly monitored by EKG. Comprehensive education and exercise classes are held three times a week for 12 weeks. Exercise sessions include warm-up, individualized strength and aerobic exercises and cool down. Education focuses on areas such as stress management, nutrition and cholesterol management and smoking cessation.

Phase three occurs at the EJGH Wellness Center where individual fitness programs are designed for each patient. Patients may continue phase three for as long as they wish to help maintain and improve their health. The Wellness Center, a 17,000 square foot, modern fitness facility, offers personalized exercise and wellness programs for adults of all fitness levels. Exercise sessions include walking, low impact aerobics, swimming, cycling, rowing and strength training. Programs are tailored to individual needs.