Foundation News 2017 Inspire Grant Winners Announced

The Foundation of East Jefferson General Hospital has awarded its 2017 INSPIRE Grants. These grants, dedicated to impacting and improving patient care, are requested by departments throughout the hospital. This year, nearly 70 requests were submitted for a sum of $300,000 that will go directly back to our patients.

“Each year, this is always the most rewarding cause The Foundation takes up,” said Valerie Englade, Senior Vice President of Marketing Communications. “To take donations from our community and, through this grants program, allow those donations to directly impact patient care on a daily basis, it ties us even more closely to the very public we serve.”

After a lengthy vetting process, The Foundation is distributing these funds in total to the departments and causes listed below. Congratulations to each winner and thank you to The Foundation for this incredible patient-centered program.

Quality Management

STEMI Clipboards – Specialized clipboards equipped with a stopwatch and clock to record accurate reperfusion times for heart attack patients, allowing physicians and nurses to better treat cardiac patients.

Emergency Department

IV Training Kit – Training kit for nurses to learn and practice their IV placement. This will ease the process for patients receiving IVs during their stay at the hospital, making it a more painless and efficient process.

PET Fusion

Blanket Warmer – The blanket warmer for PET Fusion patients will greatly enhance the comfort for those undergoing their procedures. Often a lengthy process, the blankets can help ease the stress associated with the PET fusion scan.


Electronic Communication Board – The electronic communication board will keep families posted with up-to-date information in the Surgery waiting area. No longer will loved ones be kept in the dark as to the status of an ongoing surgery, relieving some of the stress for all involved.

2 East

Nursing Certification Materials – Keeping nurses on the cutting edge of medical care, the Cardiovascular, Progressive Care and Heart Failure certification materials will help our caregivers deliver the best care available to our patients. UV Germicidal Device This microwave-sized device is the ideal method for sterilization in the clinical setting, helping patients from obtaining hospital acquired infections.

Skilled Nursing

Paint the SNF Activity Room – The Skilled Nursing Activity room is one of the most beneficial to patients, helping get them back on their feet in a much shorter time span. The painting and minor renovations will help improve this much needed and utilized space.

Neonatal ICU

MamaRoo Cuddler – One of the most common conditions associated with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome are general agitation or difficulty to calm a newborn. This device can help soothe those infants going through the difficult process of drug withdrawal.

Outpatient Rehab

Training Stairs, Power Adjustable Table, Recumbent Cross-Trainer, Incline Table and Upper Body Ergometer – These devices will help greatly improve the treatment performed at our all-new Kenner Outpatient Rehab Clinic. With the ultimate goal of getting patients better quicker, these items can help achieve a quicker and more precise rehab process.

Pastoral Care

Critical Care Communication Boards – Spiritual care can often times be just as beneficial to patients as the care received on the floors. These communication boards now allow for our Pastoral Care Department to better spiritually heal those in need.

Pulmonary Rehab

Recumbent Bike – The ergonomically designed recumbent bike allows pulmonary rehab patients to undergo the physical training they need in a more comfortable manner. The laid-back reclining position can help ease tension in the rest of the body, allowing patients to focus their efforts on the cardiac exercise.

Radiation Oncology

Water Bath with Digital Readout – Radiation therapy is often one of the most daunting cancer treatments for patients. The water bath will help with the comfort and control of the radiation masks used by the department.

Wellness Center

Aquatics Wheel Chair – Water therapy is typically one of the best methods of exercise for those with limited physical abilities. The aquatics wheel chair will make treatment more accessible for those bound to a wheelchair with a now fully submergible chair.

Integrative Medicine

Electric Massage Table – With the expansion and ever-growing popularity of integrative medicine, massage remains one of the most beneficial treatments under that umbrella. The new electric massage table will help assist in positioning mobility-impaired patients who wish to receive massage therapy.

Skilled Nursing, Rehab, & Therapy

Post-Acute Education Center – Education remains one of the best methods when it comes to keeping patients from suffering recurring issues once discharged from the hospital. Renovations to the eighth floor conference room as an education center for patients and families will help the learning process for both patients and caregivers.

Pain Management Clinic

Evacuation Chair – At East Jefferson General Hospital, patient safety remains our number one goal. The evacuation chair for emergency situations in EJ North will help keep patients safe during events that may call for an emergency exit.


Cardiology Reception Window Expansion – Typically one of the busiest areas of the hospital, the Cardiology Department tends to see patient backups, especially in the waiting room area. The Expanded check-in window will allow for better patient flow and ease the stress when entering the department.


Oncology Nurse Certification Class – Continuing education keeps our nursing staff up-to-date on the latest trends in their given field. With our on-site course for Oncology nursing certification, our nurses can receive the training they need while never having to step foot off campus, keeping their focus where it belongs, on the patients they serve. Vein Viewing System One of the side effects typically seen on the Oncology Unit is difficulty finding veins for the insertion of an IV. The cutting-edge vein finding systems for both Inpatient and Outpatient Oncology can help prevent repeated misses and make IV placement a more comfortable process for patients.

Pulmonary Rehab

Nu-Step – This recumbent cross-trainer for pulmonary rehab patients will help enable as many patients as possible – regardless of age or ability – to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. The machine is simple to use and allows for an easier exercise option.


Rifton TRAM, Independence Lane Renovations and Nu-Step – These renovations and additions the Rehabilitation Unit will bring our patients back up to full speed in a quicker and more efficient manner. The new devices keep EJGH on the leading-edge of patient rehab while the updated facility will make it a more comforting environment.

Cardiology Cath Lab

Oxicom 2100 – The whole blood oximeter will provide rapid, accurate oximetry assessments for the Cardiology Cath Lab. What this means for patients is a more effective way of measuring their oxygen levels in the blood, leading to a more accurate diagnoses.


Ally Uterine Position System The Ally Positioning system used for pelvic surgery creates more exposure and gives a physician more control during a pelvic operative procedure. The new system will give doctors the ability to perform safer and quicker pelvic procedures.

EJ Physician Group

Podiatry Exam Chair With the growing podiatry practice at EJGH, a new exam chair will give the ability to bring patients into exam rooms quicker and get them back on their feet. The additional chair relieves growing waiting times for those seeking podiatric care.

3 East

IVEA Poles The IVEA makes it possible for one nurse to safely ambulate a patient. It holds patient-care equipment bedside like an IV pole and provides a secure and stable base for safe patient mobility. Designed by nurses for nurses, the IVEA is a patient mobility solution that replaces the IV pole and walker for patients who require supportive equipment.

5 West – Observation

12 Lounge Chairs Waiting areas can be one of the most stressful places in any hospital. Creating a more comfortable space can help alleviate that stress felt by a patient’s family and help generate a more positive and supportive care system. This will lead to more optimistic attitudes and outcomes for both patients and loved ones.


EMS Response Vehicle Serving the entire East Bank of Jefferson Parish, our ambulances are the frontline of great care provided by East Jefferson General Hospital. The new unit will help expand that coverage for the entire community, helping keep our citizens safe and providing speedy transport when needed.

Woman and Newborn Services

High-Risk Mother Room An update to the inpatient room for high risk mothers during their observation will help provide safety and comfort for both mother and newborn. Keeping up with the latest technologies and practices helps ensure a more risk-free delivery for all involved.

Critical Care Unit

LUCAS Automated CPR The LUCAS Chest Compression System is a safe and efficient tool that standardizes chest compressions in accordance with the latest scientific guidelines. By automating chest compressions, it frees up medical professionals to focus on other life-saving tasks and creates better outcomes for patients.

Enterostomal Therapy

Computerized Carts A new and improved fleet of mobile carts and computers for our ET nurses will allow them to more effectively treat patients on the floor. These carts will be a one-stop-shop for information, keeping our nurses’ focus on the patients.

Cardiac Rehab

Treadmills As one of the most successful programs the hospital offers, Cardiac Rehab gets our cardiovascular patients back to full health after a cardiac episode. The additional treadmills will allow for more patients to enter the program and give them more options when choosing an exercise.

Sterile Processing

Genesis Sterilization Trays The 30 brand new Genesis Sterilization Trays help surgeons keep their invaluable tools sterile for a longer period of time. The more efficient and eco-friendly way to sterilize instruments will bring our patients peace of mind in knowing that only the cleanest tools are used during any given procedure.