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Bumex Drug Shortage

Bumetanide tablets (Bumex) is currently on national backorder.  Supplies at the wholesalers have now been exhausted.  Current hospitalized patients on bumetanide tablets will remain on the medication.  Upon receiving new orders for bumetanide tablets starting 3-21-14 the pharmacist will be contacting prescribers to change to an alternative medication (e.g. Lasix).

Reason for the Shortage
Mylan, Sandoz and Teva cannot provide a reason for the shortage.

Available Products
No bumetanide presentations are available.

Estimated Resupply Dates
Mylan and Sandoz has all bumetanide cannot estimate a release date.
Teva has estimates a release date in mid-April 2014.


Patient charts are leaving!!

As of 18 Jan 2014 EJGH will no longer have paper charts. ALL physician documentation and documentation for ALL clinical providers will have to be digital.

Physician training sessions are about to begin. IF you haven’t signed up for a training session, you are in danger of not being able to care for your inpatients as of 18 Jan 2014. The 3 hour sessions will involve training for Dynamic Documentation and for Dragon speech recognition dictation. SIGN UP NOW!!!

For scheduling, call Healthfinder : 456-5000

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